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AirFx 2006 and SelectFx06g

Free Updates for Registered users!!!

Imagine a low-level bombing run in Fs02/04 only 3 MOUSE CLICKS AWAY.
The next generation of excitement is here, completely new inside and out.
Weapons, smoke writing, engine fires, and more EASY AS 1,2,3 with AirFx 2005!
AirFx 2005 makes the aircraft smoke system easier to use.
Fully loaded with the new features everyone’s been asking for.
Includes a new html based help system with easy to understand graphics.
Demo includes FREE one full hour of flight-time in FlightSim with effects.

Easy to use for the novice incredible time-saving features for the pro.
Import / Export FxPax effects packages for fast and easy sharing or backup.
Add your own exciting screenshots for easy template identification.
FxPax save your screenshot, effects, textures and smoke system settings.
Web enabled so you can download new effects packages, create and share your own FxPax.

The fastest and easiest way to position individual effects.
Revolutionary Aircraft Placement Matrix to easily place effects on your aircraft.
Error checking with auto-renumber and log for missing effect and texture files.
Copy paste cut insert functions.
Preview Multi or single line or full template.
Nudge buttons for easier effect placement.

Click here to download the Latest AirFx 2006 version:[13 megs]

Click here to download the Latest AirFx 2006 Help file.[4megs]


CrashBak 8

The Original crash effect software from the founder of crash editing.
The first ever is still the best, CrashBak 8 is stable, safe and it runs on any pc.
Others tried to copy the astounding effects from CrashBak, but they could never duplicate it!
Beware overwriting your data files with someone's zipped up effects.
CrashBak 8 is a complete software with an installer/uninstaller and backups.
Ease of use and great extra utilities make CrashBak 8 the best selling crash solution ever.
CrashBak 8, Extremely affordable at only $9.99, download your copy now!







1. Customizable crash effects.
2. Choose Small or Large aircraft w/18 or 44 different effects.
3. High speed search function when changing Fs2k2/4 modes.
4. High speed List loading for folks with lots of aircraft.

WHY CrashBak?
The ability to see aircraft breakage was removed from FS2002.

FS2002 keeps these files each in their own cryptically named aircraft folders in the FS2002 folder.
FS2002 uses these configuration files for keeping information about Aircraft Name, Manufacturer, Model, etc.
These “aircraft.cfg” files are text based configuration files, that allow for the normal viewing of damage when the line "visual damage=1" is inserted for each paint job.

ANOTHER “Aircraft.cfg” ISSUE:
FS2002 users frequently face a issue with many downloaded aircraft and the “Unspecified Aircraft List”.
If an aircraft has no manufacturer in the “manufacturer=” line of its “aircraft.cfg” file it ends up in the FS2002’s “Unspecified” list of aircraft which can get quite large and confusing.

CrashBak allows for easier, faster and safer modification or manual editing of these “aircraft.cfg” files.
It takes only 2 clicks to enable aircraft breakage for any aircraft…select the aircraft choose enable / disable.
Back Up are created automatically before any changes are made.
Rebuild list button after adding / removing aircraft to insure functionality.
Detailed information with Aircraft Name, Manufacturer, Model, Total Number of Aircraft, aircraft breakage and backup status.
Select aircraft from clear, easy list rather than cryptic folder names to choose and edit aircraft.cfg files.
Enable / Disable aircraft breakage for all aircraft with one click.[Backups of aircraft.cfg files first]
Clean up the annoying Unspecified aircraft list in Fs2002.[From not having a Manufacturer name]
Easily change the Manufacturer and Model name without opening a single configuration file.
Browse, then copy and paste manufacturer information from the "Aircraft Description" box.

SelectFx Crash Effects Generator

Imagine the most realistic, accurate, and spectacular crashes in Flight-Sim 2002 and 2004!
Flames, Craters, Debris, Smoke and so much more; sized correctly and optimized for your pc.
After years of research; the originator of crash effects brings you SelectFx 6.
SelectFx 6 is guaranteed to be the most comprehensive yet easiest to use crash solution.
Rest assured; SelectFx 6 is an established software…not just some zipped up data files.
SelectFx 6 has a complete installer/uninstaller and will safely backup your files BEFORE making changes.
So don’t go another minute without the most accurate and realistic Flight-Sim Package…SelectFx 6







SelectFx features:
1. SelectFx lets you choose different Land and Water crash effects to use in Fs2002/Fs2004.
2. Save/Load your favorite crash effect setups.
3. To provide the highest realism, these effects are categorized by effect type:
Craters, Dirt, Splashes, Mists, Fires, Fireballs, Smoke, Smoke Puffs, Projectiles,and Concussion.
4. Fast load time, 6th generation effects, quick and easy to use.
5. ***STILL FREE*** Enable/Disable aircraft breakage (visual_damage) feature.
6. ***NOW FREE*** 5 Time-unlimited Previews to try out all of your aircraft in FlightSim.

SelectFx 06g - June 2006 - Version
Crash Effects Generator

AirFxEz - Smoke System effects generator.

People who are new to FlightSim often ask; "Can you shoot guns, drop bombs, etc.?"
Unfortunately, FlightSim has no way to add these things.
AirFxEz was made to easily add these features and more to FlightSim 2002/2004.
First, AirFxEz exploits the FlightSim effects system to create realistic looking objects.
Then, AirFxEz utilizes the rarely used smoke system ([I] key); to activate the effects.

1. Quickly and easily add effects to your Fs2002 / Fs2004 smoke system.
2. New templates for quick configuration.
3. Templates have attached images for easier selection.
4. Aircraft.cfg restoration functions.

Included Effects Templates:
50Cal_x2 fireball range 500ft
50Cal_x2 fireball range 700ft
50Cal_x2 fireball range 1000ft
Bomb200ft Timer with flak
Bomb200ft Timer
Bomb2000ft Timer with flak
Bomb2000ft Timer
Bombing Run with Flak
Bombing Run
C182 Engine Fire
Shooting Gallery
Smoke Blue
Smoke Green
Smoke Red White Blue
Smoke Red
Smoke White
Smoke Yellow
SmokeWriter 5 Minute
SmokeWriter 10 Minute
SmokeWriter 30 Minute
Water Dump
737 Engine 1 Fire
737 Engine 2 Fire
747 Engine 1 Fire
747 Engine 2 Fire
747 Engine 3 Fire
747 Engine 4 Fire
747 Engine 4 Fire
777 Engine 1 Fire
777 Engine 2 Fire
Beech Baron Engine 1 Fire
Beech Baron Engine 2 Fire
Beech KingAir Engine 1 Fire
Beech KingAir Engine 2 Fire


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